The history of fake ID is almost as long as existence of real things. A real ID is required for number of routine activities like getting admission in college, bank settlements, to avail healthcare facilities, to buy alcohol or tobacco, to have driving license and many more.


An ID bears information about the person that can be used to identify and locate the person when needed for example permanent address, contact number, picture and citizenship number. Most countries have centralized system of security that verifies ID of the person and within no time fake ID can be detected with one click on computer. If you are not expert of editing you can find online that where to buy fake IDs.

But with advancement in technology like high definition photo editing software, high quality printing machines and papers have made it really easy to create a fake ID.

Fake ID is not a Crime

Any misleading information of an ID comes under category of Fake ID for example to appear to be a person you are not. Mentioning fake address or picture. Giving a fake date of birth for certain things like to access 18+ content or activity (Buying a cigarette of alcohol in some countries). Good fake ids,

According to law of any country using a fake ID is a punishable but it doesn’t come under crime most of the times. It is just consider misdemeanour. If you want a quick fake ID without being get caught than follow these simple instructions,

Tips to avoid Serious Consequences

  • Decide smartly that where to buy fake ID. Choose a trusted and reliable professional who does his job accurately. Take reviews of your friends and family about that seller.

  • If you want to create it by yourself just make sure you are expert in this field. Minor error in editing cannot be neglected. Give extra attention to minor details. Match it with an original ID. Colour combination, font, size and dimensions should be same as in original ID. Texture of the ID should be uniform, clean and neat in all aspects. Don’t do anything in hurry. Take time to evaluate it fully.

  • Never keep both IDs (fake and original) in one wallet at the same time. Keep both the IDs in different places and remember where you kept them. Try your maximum to keep one at a time.

  • Keep this fake ID confidential. Hide it at a safe place out of reach of everyone. Never trust anyone with your fake ID secret. Except the one who told you where to buy fake IDs. (You have no other choice)

  • If you have forget your fake ID at bar or clerk office of your never go back to ask for that. There are chances that you will get caught. Or if you have forget your ID at a place where there is chance of police to appear, never go back to that place.

  • If you are driving a vehicle before your age with a school fake ID, drive nicely. Don’t drive after being high on alcohol. Minimize the risk of encounter with traffic police. Traffic police has sharp eyes.

  • If someone is holding your ID, say a police man, and he asks you about your zodiac sign, be witty at the point. Tell the sign that is according to date of birth on the card. It is one of most common mistake fake ID holder can do.

  • Be quick and clever in time period calculation. Your ID card shouldn’t expire before you actually turn 21. No one can save you from penalty after this blunder.

  • Never show your fake ID to the person who already have seen your original one. Even if he saw it years before. You can never predict about someone’s memory. A sharp memory of some jerk may become heavy on your pocket.

  • Discard fake ID after you have done using it. There are chances that you don’t get caught while using but get caught only on keeping it. Some siblings are always spying you and telling parents what you are up to these days. Beware of these little enemies in house.

  • Some alcohol retailers may ask you for a backup ID for verification purpose, just know your answer to be given. Don’t start murmuring, it will put him in doubt and a Police officer will be the only person who can clear doubts. Be prepared for possible questions of alcohol retailer or supervisor of your favorite concert.

  • Once you have achieved your goal (buying alcohol), don’t be too excited and consume all that liquor in one night. It is dangerous for a young man as he can tell under the effect of alcohol that he is really smart and he had bought alcohol with a fake ID. Drink as much as you can handle.

  • Be confident. Make sure your hands don’t shake when you handover your ID to someone. Confidence is half key to justify anything. Your expressions, body language and eye contact tells the story. Behave normally. Breathe and don’t let your expressions to reveal the story.

  • Confidence and over confidence are two opposite things. Don’t try to be over smart. Talk less, show off less and always think before you speak especially when ID in your hand is fake.


Precautions can make use of fake IDs harmless. So by following few easy and witty tips you can be more than 90% safe if you are keeping a fake ID and to use id god

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